Australian Dollar Gains As RBA Holds Rates as Expected. GDP Up Next

Nor is the Australian dollar, on the contrary, is stronger than the RBA would prefer to see. The RBA is widely thought to leave interest rates unchanged, but you can start to sound less optimistic. In principle it does not need to be disturbed by what other central banks do. They added low and stable inflation. While they hinted that the Australian dollar was further to fall, the currency advanced towards peers like the US dollar and sterling in the hours following the announcement. Previously, they had warned about the housing and labor markets and the impact they could have on the economy. It was widely expected to keep the rates, and there were no surprises in the RBA rate declaration.

The Bank said today a gradual further rise in underlying inflation is expected as the economy strengthens. It will also be disturbed if there is a growing gap between the reference rate and Australian market rates. Despite some of last week’s Australian data, including retail sales and disappointing SME investors and leading to bets that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) could be under pressure to provide further interest rate cuts, the Australian dollar benefited from other factors throughout the week. And it kept interest rates on hold as many Bloomberg analysts had expected, but it was the accompanying statement that caused the Australian dollar to rebound. A march to be largely neutralized in the formulation of the declaration accompanying their political meeting in March has shifted downwards.

With a lack of data on Tuesday’s agenda, investors will be looking for Wednesday’s Westpac consumer confidence and UK GDP growth releases as the next key data points. They are also speculating that even the Bank of England (BoE) can take a more dovish position soon, despite its claims that rate hikes are still on the way. Australian dollar investors will focus on Australian data next week, which could affect the outlook for the economy and the RBA speculation of Australia.

The RBA has observed a reasonable prospect for the global economy, with downside risks, although in his opinion they have diminished lately. The RBA will be thinking about the fact the currency is still too high to help exporters and may wish to speak down, so there is a risk of downside for AUD couples following the meeting. they sent a clear signal today that there must be a reasonably strong case to cut further, “says Elsa Lignos, head of FX strategy at RBC Capital Markets. If the RBA does not make a move on the rates, in my opinion, it is likely to be a rate cut. The RBA appears to have a high tolerance of low inflation, commented UBS Scott Haslem following the meeting, which raises the bar somewhat high for future interest rate cuts. They said last month a reduced dependence on these loans in the domestic real estate market would also be a positive development. They held rates with the emergency setting from its latest move, a cut of 25 basis points in August 2016.

The dollar weakened further after the quarterly statement of the monetary policy RBA released. The Australian dollar rose, reversing previous losses, after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) set record highs, at the first meeting of the year, but sounded less dovish than expected. And he could no longer hold back his earnings. Meanwhile, his earnings may be peeling in the coming days as renewed tensions in US-China trade negotiations threaten to dent risk appetite market. Then it can strengthen on the back of it. Of course, the Australian dollar-related trade could still be influenced by US and Chinese trade developments and other trade news next week as well.

The Australian dollar got a lift first, after his home nation according to quarterbalance payments hope that Thursday’s official release of gross domestic product could return better than feared dataraised. Since the recent US70 low a couple of years ago, it has recently returned to trade a little over US76. He had a volatile week. It is at the top of the G10 league table Tuesday after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reported that it will wait for a while before taking any potential decision to reduce its interest rate further than current levels, although more analysts said the bank will have to cut back in a short time. He slipped a little Tuesday after the Reserve Bank of Australia again waved his strength.