Women’s parka is the stylish basis of your wardrobe

Years after the women’s park remained on the farthest shelves of wardrobes or was forgotten in some old stores, this elongated jacket returned to fashion and has long established itself – thanks to its versatility. For example, Cara Delevingne considers her one of her irreplaceable items of clothing. “I can wear anything with her: shoes, heels, a miniskirt or jeans and I always feel comfortable, the park reflects my personality,” the top model said. And in our latitudes of the park with fur – this is the necessary winter clothing for every fashionista.
One of the main characteristics of the park is its color. Today it ranges from a palette of darker shades, such as dark brown, black, to classic khaki and the finest shades, such as beige, tortoise or dark gray. For a woman, color can only be aimed at satisfying personal taste and possible combinations with the rest of the wardrobe!
Jacket with universal function
The versatility of the parks has made it one of the best sellers of recent years. You can go from everyday urban style, combining it with jeans and winter boots to a more sophisticated look, indicating the contrast between the sporty style of outerwear, dress fabric to the knees and boat shoes.
It is enough to combine the park with a couple of unique chelsea to go straight from the office to an unexpected party, without losing a single drop of attractiveness. Red lipstick and a bright shawl, and the image is complete! But what if drops begin to fall from the sky? There is nothing to worry about, even if today you forgot to take an umbrella, modern materials of this clothing along with a hood come to the rescue.
No need to choose between comfort and style, women’s parks with fur provide the opportunity to be fashionable with any appearance, while not banging your teeth from the cold! If you are looking for clothing for the off-season or cold winter days, you will find it in stock on the website https://www.fashion-milano.ru/parka. Here are parks with natural fur from Italy – more than 100 models of 2020 collections. Choose clothes that will convince you with their beauty and elegance that will suit your taste and meet your requirements.

From deer skins to iconic clothes
The name of the park comes from the Russian language, and its traces are found even in prehistoric eras. Then it was sewn from animal fur, such as a seal, a polar bear or a fox. The peoples of the Arctic, Western and Eastern Siberia still use similar clothes made of reindeer, dog or sheep’s skins to protect them from severe frosts.
Today’s parks are very different. Fashion houses are trying to update the jacket with furs, technical, insulating and resistant materials. Thanks to colored linings, individual fluorescent inserts or cords, the cold season is painted with bright colors. If you prefer to bet on a more restrained style, there is no shortage of classic models. And such an accessory as a pair of winter boots will make the park a reliable ally, not only to create an image, but also to meet the winter fully armed!

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