Fashion for evening dresses 2020

The New Year is approaching, and in it is a new round of holidays, parties, events. If you want to be irresistible in an incredible dress, eye-catching, go to It sells the most beautiful evening, cocktail, wedding, club dresses, graduation dresses. For the most important events in life, choose only the best – feel like a real princess! These are high-quality expensive fabrics, lace, handmade. Luxurious dresses are located in Moscow, you can order their delivery throughout Russia.

Evening Fashion Trends
In the spring of 2020, dresses of a straight, loose and slightly tight silhouette will be in fashion. The sleeve is wide, made of light flying fabric. The asymmetry remains popular. Fabrics – tulle, lace, floral print, bows as ornaments. In a word, everything that emphasizes your femininity and leaves a bit of mystery.

As for the length – in the spring you can safely take a mini. But dresses on the floor remain in fashion. And with them, and multi-tiered skirts, drapery, trim hem. If you buy a long dress, give preference to minimalism: do not mix colorful mottles and frills. A neat dress with a lowered line of the sleeve, a combination of lace in it is a delicate feminine option.

If you will wear an evening dress in the summer of 2020, feel free to take bright floral colors, voluminous sleeves, cuts.

Trends for graduates
Luxurious floor dresses like princesses are gaining more and more popularity. Feel free to choose outfits with open shoulders, drapery, lush sleeves, flashlights. Separate from a long skirt at the waist and top remain in fashion.

Colors – discreet pastel, emphasizing youth, freshness and youth. Fluffy skirts made of tulle, chiffon and flying materials will look amazing.

Sequined models and shiny fabrics remain in fashion – they look very festive and sexy.

And of course, floral prints – at the graduation party, which takes place just in the summer, they will be relevant as never before.

What to go to the wedding
In the assortment of the Princess store it is very difficult to find a dress in which you do not overshadow the bride. Choose models that are not white – to come as a guest in a white wedding dress is considered bad form – but with lace embroidered with stones. A model with a slit will look great, it is quite possible to go to a celebration in a mini dress or knee-length.

In Russian: Салон предлагает вечерние платья купить в Москве

In English: salon offers evening dresses buy in Moscow